Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace Kelly

If you missed last months, May issue of Vanity Fair, you missed a great feature article on the elegant and timeless Grace Kelly. Of her wedding day the article reads:

"The Wedding of the Century." as it was referred to at the time (Grace called it "the Carnival of the Century"), was arguably the first multi-media press event on a modern scale. There was a slew of reporters and photographers on the ship that took Grace and her entourage of 66 to Monoco; nearly 2000 reporters crowded the cathedral ceremony, "more press there than guests", remembers Maree Rambo, who was a bridesmaid; and the wedding itself was filmed by MGM and broadcast live to more than 30 million viewers in Europe. It was a marriage that seemed to embody the wedding-cake ideal of postwar, 50s culture, with its emphasis on fairy-tale fertility and prosperity. The little principality of Monaco was stepped like a wedding cake, and its palace was as pink as a petit four. even bartenders toasted the event, serving a new drink called the Princesses Cocktail; equal parts bourbon, grenadine and fresh cream. Grace became pregnant with that precious first child (Caroline) on her honeymoon.

Designers pay hommage to the modest design of Grace Kelly's wedding gown. Most recently Ivanka Trump had Vera Wang create a Grace Kelly style gown for her nuptuals.

Row 3: Perfectly put together, Ivanka Trump via Just Jared

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